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#2: Interview – Gemi Hartojo and Work that Matters

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Interview, Podcasts | 0 comments


Gemi Hartojo is ferociously productive. Join Jey Jeyendran as he explores the tools, tactics and wisdom that makes Gemi productive, driven and generous.

Gemi is a marketing technology strategist and business coach for Noorbiz, a marketing automation company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Gemi is passionate about automating work to free us up so we can do the real work that matters.

She has spent 25 years working for Fortune 500 companies. Her resume includes Ogilvy Asia Pacific Media, USA Today, Nielson, Forrester Research, Lexis-Nexis, Jupiter, AOL and

She has worked for several non-profits, including Rise Against Hunger.

She has a deep passion for entrepreneurship and the professional development of women. She is a co-founder of a global women’s website, promoting dialogue between ethnic women.

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